About The Founder & Company

Online English Language School | Dynamic Expression founder adam nowell

Hi everyone, my name is Adam, the founder of Dynamic Expression.
I'm from the UK but have lived all over the world and travelled even more of it, this means I have learned how our individual differences are a big part of learning or using a language.

I am a Language and Linguistics expert with a hugely diverse background in both the creative and business industries.
My professional background started with me being an actor for a very long time but after a number of years I began passing on my knowledge by becoming a creative consultant. After that, I developed a passion for linguistics in the wider sense and started my career as a language consultant in regards to providing English Teaching and Writing Services etc.

Dynamic Expression knows that every client is different, so we make sure you're getting exactly what you need by listening to you every step of the way.

 We have a range of materials that we use for our classes, from textbooks to articles, all of which are used to help you expand and grow your language skill for your specific goals.

We also provide a lot of services for everyday needs, from proofreading to copywriting, in order to help you truly get across what you want to say in the most effective and powerful way possible.