Here at Dynamic Expression we know that the old fashioned way of learning a language, by burying your head in overly complicated grammar textbooks and being told to memorise endless lists of vocabulary, just doesn't work for most people and that's why we use the CLT method instead.

What is the CLT method you ask? 

Rather than using the outdated academic methods mentioned above or repeating "everyday phrases" written on a white board and hoping you'll have a chance to use them someday or roleplaying "natural situations" that actually aren't that common at all, in CLT, both the learning method and the end goal are the same... communication by actually communicating.

What do we mean by that?

By talking about your personal experiences, asking questions to get to know your teacher, giving your opinion when challenged on a variety of topics or discussing current events going on in the world, you learn by acting as though you are already able to communicate these skills smoothly and only stop to work on issues as they present themselves.

CLT doesn't underestimate what you're capable of, so even if you're not confident about your own ability, you will soon learn that you're better than you think.

For more information on our methods, please drop us a message.

Communicative Language Teaching