English Language Tutoring
"Communicate Confidently"

Whether you want to focus on conversational or business English, we offer the following range of lesson types to help you achieve your goals:

1) Guided Conversation

  • Talk about a variety of prepared topics

2) Article Discussion

  • Write about and discuss news articles

3) Textbook

  • Learn using our favoured textbooks

We are also able to help you prepare for taking the IELTS/TOEFL exams, as well as doing our own customised assessment of your level too. 

Proofreading & Copywriting
 "Engage Effectively"

Sometimes you need help to put your thoughts into words in a natural, nuanced way and so lessen misunderstandings or just truly get your message across in the way that you imagined.

So if you want us to proofread something or create written materials (such as presentations or website content etc.), send it to us and we'll get working on them right away.

** Proofreading is charged by the hour, with an initial booking of one hour required as a minimum before an assessment of how much, if any, more time is needed for completion.​

** Copywriting is charged by project, so please contact us to begin discussion of what you need done and a quote will be given.