"Nice teacher and interesting learning method. I like it!"

- Kerstin (China)

"Very supportive and patient. He can always lead our conversations and correct my mistakes."

- Yan (Singapore)

"Very supportive teacher. He does his best during the lessons to make me feel confident and he plans a few lessons ahead which brings much sense and logic to studying."

- Aud (Russia)

"For me, simply the best teacher there is."

- Marian (Germany)

"Excellent! The best lessons I have had online until now."

- Octavi (Spain)

"I really enjoy the lessons. He's a friendly and interesting teacher, not to mention flexible by adapting the lessons to the students' needs, thank you!"

- Adina (Switzerland)

"Helpful as always. We had a good conversation and I like how he can explain any question to me."

- Egor (Russia)

"He is a supportive and attentive person who you can rely on as he explains the things in a way you can perfectly understand."

- Diego (Spain)

"I am very happy with these lessons. I want to be able to speak English more and they are helping me do that. Thank you so much for always."

- Asuka (Japan)

"It was as exciting as my trial lesson. Can’t wait to continue my lessons."

- Yegor (Ukraine)

"I feel great, relaxed, more confident and more natural while speaking in his lessons. Thanks."

- Didem (Turkey)

"Wonderful as usual with lots of useful new words and idioms! Thank you!"

- Lilly (Russia)

"He has really thought about how to help people. I am definitely benefiting from our conversations."

- Zeng (China)